I can’t sleep because I worry too much. I worry too much because my heart hurts. My heart hurts because my people hurt. My people are the human race. The human race is hurting and they know it. I’m not surprised because it’s in the Bible that things are not getting easier. Not getting easier in the far future but you know there are so many short sighted people. Since my people can be short sighted they will not actually see the real danger that lies ahead in the near future. How close? I have no idea but it’s up the street. You think you have issues now well you may want to direct your attention to Israel. Why? Because according to the word it is untouchable. So why do we need to pay attention to them if they are so safe? Well my people because something great will come out of there and you will miss it because of the current things that have grabbed your attention. I can’t tell you what because I do not know. It was just a word that whispered to me.


Power is not in the mind, who told you that? Power is knowledge…get up and find the source. Power is money…make some. Power is beauty…upgrade yourself. Power is sex…get bett…

Source: POWER


You know you hurt me right? You know you kept me from my hearts desires? I can’t TRUST I can’t THINK fuck I can’t breath! You make shit complicated…your over rated in my hea…

Source: LBGT Man

If Your 21…

  2. Don’t PANIC
  3. Go to college of some kind. If you hate school find a job and save money because you will definitly need it.
  4. Make sure that you hang around people who are doing better then you or at least doing something positive. If their older that’s a plus.
  5. Don’t fall for love if you can’t get past the one night stand.
  6. Don’t buy a new car. A to B is all you need.
  7. No more then two people for roommates and if you can live with one your doing good.
  8. Ask parents for financial help when it’s a life or death moment( you lost your job and depleted your savings).
  9. Get a routine and incorporate exercise.
  10. Either be single or choose one.
  11. Credit card….leave it alone until you absolutly need it.
  12. Make SOUND decisions.
  13. Keep the DRAMA out of your life it will just slow you down on all areas of life.
  14. Find a hobby, it could make you money.
  15. If you don’t know … Look it up.
  16. Keep records of EVERYTHING
  17. Stop acting like your the shit and stay out the mix.
  18. Develope that thing called GRIT.
  19. Build HEALTHY relationships.
  20. You will make mistakes but 21 is just the beginning but you will get better at life as you go.

The Truth Behind Parker’s Cup (In a Nutshell)

Rings where exchanged as vowls leaped from our lips. We tied the knot April 10,2015. Everything was perfect in this moment in time. We had money, an expensive apartment, a car and good jobs. Everything we could ever wanted in our young lives at 24 and 27. We didn’t want or need for anything. 
Well happened?

I got laid off then two months later Jeremy got laid off.So then what happened?

We fell into a downward spiral of bills adding up and saving running out. We were at a lost for words. Just married living good then everything fell apart.

So did you bounce back?

Not exactly, we lost our car, apartment, ran out of money, credit sanked due to not paying credit cards off. It got bad. 

What did yall do about it?

We got basic jobs to keep up with the bills, obviously moved to a much much much cheaper apartment and used metro. 

That really sucks.

Yeah it did… Our pride got the best of us, we faught a lot, cried and talked of divorce all in our first six months of marriage.

Now what?

We asked ourselves what are we both good at that so we could make some extra money.

What did you come up with?



We told each other we are good baristas so lets go work for a coffee shop and learn the business side of it.We did.


We decided to look into opening our own shop.

Did you?

No…we had no credit and no money.

Well how did you guys do it?

Learned about making money online.Decided we can do the same with coffee. We learned how to set up an ecommerce, find vendors, ect. and got to work getting the paper work we needed to start our business.

So … Did it help?

At first no…we had a lot to learn. after hooking up with the right people to creat a succesful business Parker’s Cup was born. We had to make it work because our life depended on it. If we wanted to get out of debt and start enjoying life again we had to learn this. 

What about now? Our you guys thriving?

Yes, we came a long way. We learned more about each other, built relationships and built a small but loyal customer base. God is good.

He sure is. I’m happy you guys are back to normal.

We are not back yet.We still have some catching up to do but with loyal friends and customers like you we can go higher and bring you guys with us. 

Thank You 


I remember those eyes, you saw me walk by.
I remember your lips, as I opened my eyes my body flushed.

I remember your hands, they gripped and pulled on me.

I remember your love, it quivered my womb.

I remember our dance,our skin melted into each other.

I was speechless, you whispered in my ear.

You gave me goosbumps, you rubbed my back…licked my neck.

I’m out of my mind right? Nah, just trying something new.

Sweat…love…hands and lips. It feels so good to me.

Then I awoke…

A Long Way From Home

I hate this…I dont remember what you look like but I have an idea. My body aches, my feet are swollen, my heart seems to stay broken. 

I hate this…I remember when you left home at 17 with fire in your eyes. You said to me, “I’ll have a pent house in the sky with all white furniture”. I smiled because you where so cute, so innocent, so green and so full of life. Your spirit was so bright. 

I hate this…you loved hard for so long but never was loved back. I watched you day after day walk up and down the city streets. Alone. You looked content. You seemed fine.

I hate this…you got your first job and you loved it. You where like a different person as if you have found the golden ticket. You where high off the fact you could now take care of yourself. I mean thats all you really  wanted anyway. Good job.

I hate this… why is your hair all over your head? Have you bathed? Have you ate? Wheres that man of yours that you put before me? 

“He’s dead”. Oh.

I hate this…I saw you sitting at a  bus stop crying. “Whats wrong?” “My life”. You looked dazed like you lost at something.

I did…

The Other One



I saw you the other day and I was disturbed.

You were with a new one, the better one.

Is this one better? Is this one more tolerant?

Does this one touch you right?

Does this one sing to your soul?

I saw you the other day and I was pissed.

I hate that you picked this one.

I hate the way this one’s hand fits in yours.

I hate the look in this one’s eyes.

I hate that you smile when this one speaks.

I saw you the other day and I cried.

You walked passed me.

You kissed this one.

You treat this one better.

You made love to this one.

I saw you the other day and I forgave.

I remember the abuse, I’m over it.

I remember the men, I’m over it.

I remember when I walked in on this one and you, I’m over it.

I remember when you tried to kill me for this one, I’m over it.

All is forgiven.

I saw you the other day and I sang.

My heart danced as I saw you and this one.

My mind eased when I saw you and this one.

My body relaxed when I saw you and this one.

My spirit whispered, at least you’re not that one.