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Born in Springfield,IL. and raised in Kingwood, Tx. I am currently attending Ashford University in pursuit of a degree in project management. My dream was to manage a major project for a big company and to be at the top of the corporate food chain but a change of interest happened. My husband is a artist and he writes all his lyrics and make some of his own beats. He has work from 2008 and still going. One day I saw that he was working, writing lyrics to music and I asked him if I could help with anything and of course he said yes. I wrote my first song in 2015 and recorded it. The feeling  was so releasing! Being able to get out all what I felt needed to be said. I kept writing music and this passion led me to write about other content. Now I write about politics, self development, business reviews and up incoming artist.

Today I have developed a successful blog, wrote my fist self-help called “A Little Enlightenment From a Friend” and currently working on my next book, “A Gay Man’s Girlfriend”. I have expanded my writer’s platform and still building and hope that my work inspires people and promotes them to live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

My motto is if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

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