I can’t sleep because I worry too much. I worry too much because my heart hurts. My heart hurts because my people hurt. My people are the human race. The human race is hurting and they know it. I’m not surprised because it’s in the Bible that things are not getting easier. Not getting easier in the far future but you know there are so many short sighted people. Since my people can be short sighted they will not actually see the real danger that lies ahead in the near future. How close? I have no idea but it’s up the street. You think you have issues now well you may want to direct your attention to Israel. Why? Because according to the word it is untouchable. So why do we need to pay attention to them if they are so safe? Well my people because something great will come out of there and you will miss it because of the current things that have grabbed your attention. I can’t tell you what because I do not know. It was just a word that whispered to me.