If Your 21…

  2. Don’t PANIC
  3. Go to college of some kind. If you hate school find a job and save money because you will definitly need it.
  4. Make sure that you hang around people who are doing better then you or at least doing something positive. If their older that’s a plus.
  5. Don’t fall for love if you can’t get past the one night stand.
  6. Don’t buy a new car. A to B is all you need.
  7. No more then two people for roommates and if you can live with one your doing good.
  8. Ask parents for financial help when it’s a life or death moment( you lost your job and depleted your savings).
  9. Get a routine and incorporate exercise.
  10. Either be single or choose one.
  11. Credit card….leave it alone until you absolutly need it.
  12. Make SOUND decisions.
  13. Keep the DRAMA out of your life it will just slow you down on all areas of life.
  14. Find a hobby, it could make you money.
  15. If you don’t know … Look it up.
  16. Keep records of EVERYTHING
  17. Stop acting like your the shit and stay out the mix.
  18. Develope that thing called GRIT.
  19. Build HEALTHY relationships.
  20. You will make mistakes but 21 is just the beginning but you will get better at life as you go.

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