The Truth Behind Parker’s Cup (In a Nutshell)

Rings where exchanged as vowls leaped from our lips. We tied the knot April 10,2015. Everything was perfect in this moment in time. We had money, an expensive apartment, a car and good jobs. Everything we could ever wanted in our young lives at 24 and 27. We didn’t want or need for anything. 
Well happened?

I got laid off then two months later Jeremy got laid off.So then what happened?

We fell into a downward spiral of bills adding up and saving running out. We were at a lost for words. Just married living good then everything fell apart.

So did you bounce back?

Not exactly, we lost our car, apartment, ran out of money, credit sanked due to not paying credit cards off. It got bad. 

What did yall do about it?

We got basic jobs to keep up with the bills, obviously moved to a much much much cheaper apartment and used metro. 

That really sucks.

Yeah it did… Our pride got the best of us, we faught a lot, cried and talked of divorce all in our first six months of marriage.

Now what?

We asked ourselves what are we both good at that so we could make some extra money.

What did you come up with?



We told each other we are good baristas so lets go work for a coffee shop and learn the business side of it.We did.


We decided to look into opening our own shop.

Did you?

No…we had no credit and no money.

Well how did you guys do it?

Learned about making money online.Decided we can do the same with coffee. We learned how to set up an ecommerce, find vendors, ect. and got to work getting the paper work we needed to start our business.

So … Did it help?

At first no…we had a lot to learn. after hooking up with the right people to creat a succesful business Parker’s Cup was born. We had to make it work because our life depended on it. If we wanted to get out of debt and start enjoying life again we had to learn this. 

What about now? Our you guys thriving?

Yes, we came a long way. We learned more about each other, built relationships and built a small but loyal customer base. God is good.

He sure is. I’m happy you guys are back to normal.

We are not back yet.We still have some catching up to do but with loyal friends and customers like you we can go higher and bring you guys with us. 

Thank You 


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