Rainy Day Love

rainy day love

Today we lay cuddled watching the rain hit the window in a rhythmic pattern that’s consistent with the beat of our hearts. I love days like these. The room is cold, sipping on a warm drink all tangled up with you. I love when you whisper those sweet words that get my blood flowing. I love when you move my hair out of my face so you can see my eyes. I love when you wrap your arms around me and start singing my favorite song soft in my ear. I lean my head back taking it all in.

The rain falls a little harder, it gets a little darker and we get a little closer and I’m pouring another warm Jack Daniels with cinnamon. You kiss my neck softly, my heart rate sores, I put my hand on your thigh, your breathing gets heavier and then our lips touch. You pull me up and twirl me around dancing to my favorite song, Burin’ It Down. You pull me in then sing along with me to the song as we sway back and forth.

We back up and I fall onto the bed. It felt like a forever slow motion fall, lost in your eyes and overwhelmed with emotion. You got real close to my face and bite my bottom lip and told me I was beautiful. My hair fell around him, were just doing our thing you know? I love when I feel your heart beat against mine. I love how you whisper in my ear. I love how we lay in the bed all day while it’s raining. I love when you stare at me with those big brown eyes. I love how we love on each other. I love how our soft skin touches with every small movement.

I love our rainy day love.






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