The Passions  

I love hard in every way you can think love can be expressed.I love sharing my inner most sacred thoughts from my past abusive relationship to my fears of raising children of my own. When I can express myself to you guys it does so much for me. It releases this pressure that builds from worrying if I’m going to be accepted or loose something for sharing. Building relationships is one of the most important things in my life and it should  be in yours too. 
My love for God has got to be why im still standing strong. I have had many set backs but with God and his promises and mercy I have over came. My worship of him is my up most passion. Just having that relationship with him as his daughter and knowing the blessings that come from that. The advice he gives me when I meditate to the embrace he gives when im not feeling my best. It’s so so so wonderful and I hope you guys find that. 

My husband, speechless…. hand picked by God, he has out done himself as a man, friend, mentor,lover and confidaunt. He see’s my fears in my eyes when Im smiling and laughing with friends or clients. I tend to cover my worries and fears instead of owning them and conquering them. My husband helps me do that.He holds a sacred place next to God in my heart. 

My writing…man it helps me get so much out. If I didn’t write I do not know what I would be like, how my attitude would be or anything. Writing is a passion that I can never let go to waist.

Then my family. They are what they are, beautiful, reliable, loveable and at times irritating but without them I wouldn’t be the woman I am today.

My passions are what molds me and keeps me alive. What are your passions?


2 thoughts on “The Passions  

  1. I love your words and your heart is good, your heart is pure. That’s why your blessed and you inspire me and give me hope that one day I’ll be blessed with someone I can share my life with and find happiness.

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