Starbucks Stories: Please there is No EXCUSE

starbucks red cups

Okay so I am going to start backwards here with my stories, please bare with me and no judging me or the company! Remember these are my experiences. Okay here we go!

I had a manager that was cool a little uptight but she held it down at the Galleria store but she just had an issue with getting and keeping the store clean. I mean we had all our little cleaning task but look I could only do so much, staying to 2 am every other day cleaning everything got tiresome plus I didn’t get paid for it!

I said, ” Sally Sue, why wont you call in these roaches? They are everywhere!”

Sally Sue, “I did Tiffany there is nothing I can do, they come out and spray where they feel the bugs are.”

I said, ” What! Where they think they are your suppose to tell them where to go.Sally you need to step it up.”

Now I know you guys are like, Oh your being rude or mean, no these little shits where crawling on the damn bar, floor and counter tops. I was getting really pissed that my manager was being so passive with a serious situation. So check it, I got tired of waiting on her to come to her senses and I took things into my own hands.

Me: “Sally Sue, we need to schedule an extra day of cleaning on the schedule.”

Sally Sue: ” We can’t afford it and not enough labor”.

So she says there is not enough money, this is STARBUCKS there is always enough money especially when it comes to keeping their stores clean and people safe. So I looked at her like she committed a crime towards me. So the next day Im at the bar talking to  a regular, Bob, and I was telling him about my issue with my negligent manager and as I am explaining he points out that there are 5 roaches crawling behind the bar. I looked at him and shook my head and told him to film that. He pulled out his phone and got the video and I told him, Im going to make Sally Sue and all of Starbucks move. Bob raised his eyebrows and said, ” Bet I’m in”.

Later when Sally Sue left for the day I took my break and got on the phone with the district manager and this is how the converstation went.

Me: ” Hey Martha, I have a little issue with my manager and this store.

Martha: “What’s the problem?”

Me: “Well we have roach infestation and I keep stressing that it needs to be handled also our store is gross.”

Martha: “Your manager or you have not called it in?”

Me: “Oh yah we have and she just stopped, she wont schedule a cleaning day because she says it is too much money.”

Martha: “Hmm I see, well I will schedule sometime to talk with her to see if we can get the issue resolved.”

Me: “Well there is another issue. A customer came to the bar to talk like he usually does and he says he saw roaches behind the bar and decided to take video and said he was going to submit it to News Fix to expose the store. Look Martha that will really bad on the company ,our district and everyone in it.

Martha: ” It will be okay it will be handled.”

The next day I came into work and saw every manager from Post oak blvd. to Fondren on their hands and knees scrubbing the floors and walls. Martha giving direction and suggestions. Sally Sue was so upset it could see it. I walked up to her and asked,

“What happened?”

Sally Sue: ” Some man said he got video of the store with roaches and was going to turn it into the news and we got shut down for the day to clean the store.”

I am sorry but I had to do it! It wasn’t fair for me, my team or customers to have to be in the filth due to manager neglect. It shouldn’t had to go that far but something need to be done. Bottom line is I do whatever it takes to get people to move when it comes to my health and the health of my people.






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