When It Gets Dark I Drown

12745406I loose myself when I open my mouth to pray and nothing comes out.

I loose myself when my spouse tells me I have left mentally.

I loose myself when I wake up in darkness during the morning.

Depression takes hold of my soul when I think of the future.

Depression takes my mind when one bad event happens during my day.

Depression creates a mental bondage while I think about my next move.


When I roll over and my husband is sleep but I know he has insomnia and it makes me sad.pregnant

When I know I am not the same person that walked down the aisle, It makes me feel less then a woman.

When I try to make love but my body rejects my mind,it hurts.

I loose myself when the anxiety sets in and our whole world falls apart.

I loose myself when no one sees the truth about life as we know it.

I loose myself when children can’t be born.

Depression takes hold of my heart and it stops beating.

Overcoming-Social-AnxietyDepression takes hold when I know he loves me but my mouth can’t return the message when I want it too.

Depression takes hold when I have it sitting on my lap like a child and give it attention.

Depression takes hold when his anxiety gets out of control but my lack of self control dishonors him and his stubbornness disrespects me.


I have no idea…



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