Parker’s Cup Update

tumblr_o5r9ygttIQ1ugq3mso1_400Parker’s Cup is now offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders!!

Want $5.00 OFF your total order use promo code 439411 Good until 07/29/2016 midnight!

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Providing you with a naturally organic cup of your favorite morning and evening brew. Parker’s Cup is dedicated to providing you with a great source for organic coffee and natural tea from around the world at affordable prices.Our organic coffee is cultivated using the best and most environmentally friendly methods and without the use of chemicals or pesticides. We have exceptional gourmet teas, herbal teas, and tisanes from around the world. We not only have an extensive collection and unique finds, but these teas are of the highest quality as well.

originalThis Organic Sumatra Black Satin roast coffee is a delicious indulgence that will prove itself in the very first cup. This coffee will be shipped freshly roasted in a sealed valve bag to bring you optimal aroma and flavor. For hundreds of years, Sumatran coffee has been proving its potential cup after cup; isn’t it time you tried it?

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Berry Berry Tisane Tea is the perfect tea for those that like a strong, berry flavor. If you desire a sweetness that is slightly spiced with a subtle zest, look no further than the Berry, Berry Tisane Tea. Perfect hot or cold, the flavors of black and red currants will mingle with the raisins, rose hips, and hibiscus leaves. Black and red currants offer a slight tart astringency and feature a full body in each and every cup of our Berry Berry Tisane Tea!


We decorate all mason jars for tea orders if requested by the customer for an additional charge other wise a plain mason jar comes standard with every tea order. You can also request a mason jar for your coffee beans for an additional charge other wise it comes in a traditional coffee bag. If you would like your coffee ground we can accommodated that need as well just make sure before you check out you put the request in the notes section. To all my tea lovers out there, if you do not want tea bags but just the full leaves instead, drop a request in the notes section before check out and we will be happy to accommodate you!


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