For all the nosey people who just have to know

my hiding

Picture of me hiding from all the nosey people

People ask me what I do all day and how do I do it. It is easier said then done and takes a large amounts of patients. No I am not rich if I was I would of opened up an location for Parker’s Cup by now. I sold 30 books and that took all year long, now the online coffee and tea store is where my focus is on and that took all year to get the motivation to launch that.  I prefer the entrepreneur life and I spend most of my time doing market research, perfecting my craft as a writer and promoting my business. I have a few things I am doing routinely to make my days better and keep my head from hurting.


In the A.M.

I think about what I want to accomplish today and give myself a briefing and mini lecture on how I am not going to let rejection dictate how my day goes. I tend to let it happen so to prevent myself from loosing it or getting emotional I talk to myself in the mirror and while walking to Starbucks to work ( no I do not work for Starbuck). Once I get there I check to see if I have enough to get promotional items, go all around town to find consignment deals and argue on the phone pretty much all morning it seems with my publisher to life the “no return policy” so I can do a signing at Barnes and Noble.

  1. Wake up, thank the Lord for giving me another day to hustle .
  2. I step into the coldest shower ever on purpose. This wakes me up immediately, I do this to myself because if i get into a hot shower I am definitely getting back under my warm covers. Proceed to the brushing of the teeth, lol.
  3.  Drink a concentrated cup of coffee and eat a bowl of cereal.
  4. Bring a bottle of FIGI water with me.

Noon time

After I get to wherever I am going to work that day I seem to attract the talkative types and I am not talking about regular mouths of the south like me, these are non stop, I need to tell you everything because I might die in a few minutes talkers. Promote promote PROMOTE thats all I do online through social media and try building relationships with people. Thats another thing,I tend to do group messaging when I am promoting and I am sorry I wont do it anymore due to the amount of negative responses I get back.

  1. Take two Advil because someone has either pissed me off or wouldn’t stop talking and now I have to prevent a headache.
  2. Evening brew whether its coffee or tea
  3. Food, normally a pound cake slice
  4. Check sales if any due to the newness of my business
  5. Homework so I can maintain a good GPA
  6. Work on book, post some links for Parker’s Cup and reply to my followers


The evaluating starts and I ask myself three questions and sometimes I can’t even do that because…well I just can’t

  1. What did you get accomplished?
  2.  Did you meet any of your goals?
  3. What can you do better?

Answer: Yes, because I woke up that is something that needed to happen or I wouldn’t be here telling you this information. Also I could do a lot of things better, you know like not spend hours on end on Facebook and my time mgmt. could be better.

You see? I am not rolling around Houston shopping and living the
viviendo la vida okay. I am working, perfecting and managing my business.


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