What the f@#k Wednesday


All I know is that if he becomes President I will be afraid to live in this country. I’m African American and if he hates Muslims, Spanish folks and has issues with women then I just know what he thinks about me and my people. I’m also a woman so that means even more problems. He is going to take us back 50 years and obviously there is a lot of people who want this because he’s doing better then the whole world thought. I’m scared.


So Ted Cruz has suspended his campaign, which is a polite way of saying he dropped out of the race for president of the United States of America.  This means that real estate tycoon Donald Trump, a buffoon and a cartoon candidate (or is he a caricature of a candidate) if there ever was one, is the presumptive Republican nominee…god help the Republican party.  I say god help them not because I believe in a god but rather because so many of them seem to believe in a deity, or to claim to do so.

I also say How the fuck did we end up with Trump as the nominee?  This is a man who reminds me of Mussolini, the way he blathers on but actually says nothing.  He’s been called Caligula’s ass, that thing atop his head has been called a fox…when he said how pro-gun he…

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