Parker’s Cup

tumblr_o5r9ygttIQ1ugq3mso1_400Providing a natural and organic way of enjoying your favorite morning and evening brew.

Parker’s Cup Fund

Hello most of you probably know me through Facebook, my name is Tiffany Randall and I am trying to open a coffee shop here in Houston. Before I go and take out any loans I wanted to see if I could make some capital to fund my goal by selling coffee online. I need $1,500.00 to get the coffee and tea and so far I have $500.00 of it, I am close. Currently I am not accepting orders for any of the coffee or tea listed but I do have some non organic coffee such as French Roast, Italian, House Blend and Espresso. Please email me or call if you are interested. If you would like to lend a helping hand you can visit  Parker’s Cup and give a donation. Anything and everything helps and will be a major blessing!


3 thoughts on “Parker’s Cup

  1. AAMEN Tiffany Parker
    I am happy that you want to start a. Capital bussiness I am willing to help you out Monday I will be post a donation and I want you to keep me posted on your progress

    Good Luck

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