A Word From Mr.Greer: Post NFL Career Scandal

10985172_10206907479340494_9030077177447195740_nThe Conversation

Wednesday, May 4, 2016, 11:04 AM ( 10 min 56 sec) I received a phone call from Donovan Greer himself and he wanted to talk about my last post I did about the ACE situation and the fact that he didn’t even know what I was talking about.

Donovan: Hey Sweetie this is Donovan I wanted to ask you what exactly is going on and is there anything I can help you with?

Me: Well I received a check from you guys and it bounced two weeks later and there is now a balance on my account due I’m sure a mistake.

Donovan: I am sorry sweetie I never knew anything about that, I do not handle that part of the business, Christina does.

Me: That’s crazy because I told Christina and she said that you knew all about what was going on. Also, we have been having texting wars for about 3 days and she does not want to resolve the issue. By the way I gave Kris a letter containing that letter from ACE, a letter that I wrote that states that I know about the issue and a copy of the receipt that was given to me when I cashed my check. Then I need to ask you is xxx-xxx-xxxx is your number?

Donovan: Honey I haven’t been told anything and Kris never gave me a letter from you and that number is not mind.

Me: Well that’s classic. Christina had you “text” me from that number and you said that I would get my second check on Monday instead of the agreed Sunday that Christina and I had come up with. Also, my husband wanted to talk to you about the situation because he was sure you didn’t know because when I went to pick up my check you where you jolly self like usual. She told me that she let’s you know what you need to know, never any details because you too busy.

Donovan: Well I will get it taken care immediately you shouldn’t have to pay for Christina’s errors and do we owe you anything else? You got your money right?

Me: Yes I received my money but the balance on my account needs to be paid.

Donovan: Okay yes that will definitely be taken care of and since we have an understanding about that now I want to talk about the article or post you did. Do you have a blog of some kind?

Me: Yes, I wrote about my experience with you guys.

Donovan: I found about it because my uncle saw it and he told be to fix the issue. HE was like this crazy… well that’s another story for another day. I do you need you to take my picture down and my kid’s ( Kris he is 21 not a kid) name off your page. You can say whatever you want about Christina ( his supposed wife) and keep her picture up. I do not care but please take our stuff down. We have a great relationship, I had no idea what was going on and I don’t want us to have a problem.

Me: Okay I can do that but my balance needs to be paid

Donovan: Give me a few hours and I will have it taken care of plus I will have a conversation with Christina.

Me: Okay sounds great.

the greersCaught Red-Handed in a LIE!

As of Sunday, May 8, 2016, 1:10 pm nothing has been paid, phone calls are being screened and I actually texted Christina that I had this conversation and that she lied to be and it was confirmed by her own husband, she never replied. What’s weird to me is that why would a husband allow someone to write about his wife in any context as long as his picture and name is not included. Married?!  My husband wouldn’t ever let anyone write about me in the negative, he wouldn’t care what I did or said to someone. That is something to think about and look at.

Advice for Donovan: You need to check your accounts regularly. I do not care how much money you have, if you have any at all but checks should never be bouncing. Your wife lied to me and my husband and had someone pose to be you,that’s weird. She also tends to keep you in the dark about things so I would hound her with questions to make sure you are in the know before she makes a fool out of you.


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