The Dynamic Duo: Bustin up the Silence

the greersThursday Feb. 18, 2016 I met Kris Greer, Donovan and Christina Greer’s son and Christina herself for an interview for their juice bar that they where adding to their gym, Pro Dynamic Fitness. The chemistry was outstanding! I found out that Christina has known my mother for the last 6 years through Starbucks and their family are members of the same church that my husband and I attend. Christina hired me off the strength of knowing my mother and how great their relationship is along with my job experience. I just knew it would be a perfect fit. The juice bar needed to develop a little more so my actual start date was April 5,2016 and I met Donovan Greer, former NFL corner back, he was pleasant. Everything was going great, I met Christina and Donovan’s daughter and shared my love for poetry with her, developed relationships with a few customers and learned a lot about my own health.

A week and a few days passed, the juice bar is starting to pick up and I asked Kris where their health permit was so it can be visible to the public. He says they didn’t have one and asked his mom and she brings me their business license. I thought she was joking and informed her that they needed a health permit to have a juice bar but she brushed me off. 13153222_1178998275457629_2123374822_nApril 15,2016 I received my first check and went to cash it at ACE and the clerk said they needed to get it approved due to a bounce check that Christian cashed for herself on their Pro Dynamic Fitness account a year ago to date that never was taken care of. I asked the clerk what that meant for me and he said they needed to ask their accounting department if it was okay to cash my check. 20 minutes later they got the go ahead and cashed the check.

April 27,2016 I typed and emailed my resignation letter to Pro Dynamic Fitness  after 13152707_1179003392123784_1259945733_nhaving a discussion with my husband that I didn’t want to be part of a business that was not in compliance with the law. We agreed that I was able to leave without it hurting us financially and I sent over the letter. At the time I didn’t want them to know I was leaving due to the information that I found out from Kris and how Christina reacted to me so I made it simple. My last day is May 4, 2016 but due to a another incident I will not be able to attend.

April 28,2016 my husband and I were leaving town for an appointment and I called in for work at 11:46 am (I was not supposed to be there till 3:00pm) to let the team know that I was not able to make it in. Christina and everyone else where fine and my husband and I took off. We got back early the next morning and I went to check the mail because I was expecting a package and I received a gggggggggletter in the mail from ACE. I opened it and immediately felt my heart hit the pit of my stomach. I ran back to the house and showed my husband, the check that I cashed from Pro Dynamic Fitness had bounced! I thought that it was a simple mistake and it would be taken care of immediately. When the gym opened I texted Christina a picture of the letter and told her that Donovan, herself and I could sit down and talk about it and get it cleared up.

Christina did not take this well at all and she denied everything ACE said. We went back and forth for few days on the issue and she finally told me that she called Miss. Cuellar, a collection specialist and district manager of the ACE in my part of town and left her a message. Well, I have been calling and checking in with Miss. Cuellar and she says she has not heard from Donovan or Christina about the previous bounced check or the current one. I let Christina in on this information and told her that I could not accept a check from them. Christina told me that to “accommodate” me she would go ahead and pay me Saturday April 30, 2016  and that didn’t happen. Long story short she flat-out lied to me and we went back and forth about the ACE Balance of $405.23 that is outstanding on my account. FYI this is all by text!

I went and got some advice on how to handle the situation and followed through with a 13141091_1179038175453639_1780838910_nletter that I knew about the balance and was giving them 10 business days to take care of it or I would have to exercise my legal rights. Along with the letter I wrote I included the receipt that I received when I cashed the check and the letter from ACE  about the balance and hand delivered it May 1, 2016 to Kris when I went to go pick up my money order. I was really hoping that they would have just included it in my money order but silly me to think so. I called Miss. Cuellar, gave her the store number and Christina and Donovan’s cell number but no one will pick up the phone or return her calls.

Today I have  yet to get the issue resolved and I am tired of texting wars with Christina about the issue. Recently she told my that their merchant, Square made a mistake and got the money into the account late and the money is currently available to cover the funds. I let ACE know and they will not deposit a check they have marked as bad. They said that Christina or Donovan can call and pay over the phone or in person with cash and neither has happened. I told Christina that I was going to sue and report her and she said “go right ahead and do and say whatever you want”.

It really hurt and surprised me that Christina and Donovan handled me the way they did. I thought this was going to be an easy fix and we could move on due to the relationships that were established in the beginning. What has been proven to me by them is since I am a nobody I do not matter. Since I am not in a certain social circle or status they can do whatever they want to me even if that means my credit will be hurt. I am not going to sue for the $405.23 because it would cost be double if not more in court fees and a lawyer to fight the case. Instead I thought I would let the world know my experience with them and how they effected me mentally and emotionally. There are real people who do not are about you or your family. The will do whatever they can to get over on you and will sleep at night. I am BUSTIN UP THE SILENCE for us little people. It is okay to speak out against things that have been done to you especially if they are wrong. Also, if they sue me for my review on their business and business ethics at least they wont have to ask for my statement.


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