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They say your best friend’s will be made in college; I guess I don’t have any. I never attended a traditional school like most people that I grew up with. I decided to take the “glorious” route after I graduated and started working and went to college online. It’s not as bad as most people think. Anyway, since I spent many hours in a virtual classroom I never made any friends so I ended up being friendless. I have zero friends because I do not have time to sit around and listen to women talk for hours about how their “current” man isn’t keeping them satisfied. I been through that and it is torturous! Actually most women let me know that they don’t feel that a friendship will work out due to all the questions I ask. Yes, I pretty much interview people that I am interested spending more then an hour with in single day. I cannot be around airheads, crazies, and too depressed or mean hearted people. Put a few drinks in them and the truth just starts flowing. I know this sounds crazy but hey it has saved me a lot of trouble in the end. So as of right now I do not have friends but maybe one day I will find a group that I can fit in with, till then it’s just me and my husband.


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