Protesting this Daily Grind

money assewhipping

I wake up everyday wondering why in the hell do I have to do all this stuff to get an “education”, feed myself, and keep a roof over my head. Shouldn’t that just come with being born? Man, there are so many people that are homeless right now with masters and PhDs it’s crazy. I mean I know people that have gone to college, spent $25,000 or more and work at Starbucks. Then when they graduated their “job” wasn’t in demand anymore. You want to know my truth? I don’t think we should have to pay for school, our government got us with that and organic food should be dirt cheap, why do “they” want to make it hard for us to stay healthy? I’m starting to think our “system” wants most of us to die off. America is fat, if we where to get attacked the majority of people can’t run a mile but McDonalds is so cheap you can feed a family for $10. I went to by some fruit, veggies and a protein for dinner and it cost me $30. For real? I believe in the barter system, why do we have to separate ourselves with a piece of paper? Have you notice that we spend money on items we literally throw in the trash? Hence paper towels and trash bags. Look, you get your check after you work two weeks and by the time you pay your bills, feed your family and put up what little you have in savings, you end up with pretty much zero and living off credit cards. Why the heck did “they” even invent credit cards? Big ole financial trap that most people fall for because everyone wants to at least enjoy himself or herself after they slaved away at the office. After your great weekend you have to go and work double to pay a person back that you don’t even know. Yes I’m ranting because life is way too short to spend more then half of it working to get basic necessities and miss birthdays, weddings, and much more. Why do we have too?

I like what I do for a living and I don’t suggest you quit your job, that would be dumb given how the world is but I do want you to think about your daily grind. Think about all the money you go through just to obtain “The pursuit of happiness. Think about why eating healthy is so expensive, think about how much money you LITERALLY throw in the trash. So, when you get up in the morning I suggest you pray because you may not even make it to the office and when you cross over you will be saying to yourself, “man I spent all that time WORKING and never enjoyed family and friends all so I can obtain the “American dream”.


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