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I have a Starbucks addiction for a reason you wouldn’t think. I worked for the company for 3 years and 3 months and walked out when I couldn’t take the stress of management and home life. Since then I have been dying to get back into the company. Not only would I go sit in a Starbucks for hours on end and drink like 10 cups of coffee I would crazily apply to every Starbucks with in a 10 mile radius. The reason I am like this is due to an abusive relationship that I use to be in when I first started with the company. Starbucks was my refuge. This place was where I could hide, have a sense of control of my life, be myself, and vent to friends. This was more of my home then home was. So it turns out that I psychologically associate Starbucks as safety, crazy I know. Currently I have found ways to get over this by diving into other business ventures, like my writing and found effective coping methods without having to go talk to a shrink.


7 thoughts on “Refugee

  1. Great article very insightful , thank you for being transparent. I believe this will help individual readers clearly understand what their “Refuge ” is and why. Very powerful.

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  2. Writing helped my sister focus in the land of the living after the passing of her young son.

    Writing helps me disseminate information to my Network. In turn, I hope my Network will help me bring my business ideas to fruition. I believe I will write my business dreams into existence.

    So, I understand the powerful effect writing would on you Tiffany in coping with the bi-product of an abusive past relationship.

    Keep your writing head down and your self esteem head up as you expose the world to your beautiful personality through your writing.

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  3. Your writing is bringing you to a point of “release”. The best part of your writing, Tiffany, is that in your circle of life you’re finding clarity of where you’ve been and purpose for where you’re going. Your readers support you. So let the healing process continue! God bless you.

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