Living in the Dark: A Parent’s Nightmare


Have you ever lived in the dark? When I was thirteen I never understood the part when adults would say, “children are to be seen and not heard.” Hearing this was like nails on a chalkboard in the middle of my sleep. I believe till this day children should be heard and seen. The day you silence your child could be the day you loose them physically, mentally and emotionally. The worse feeling for parents is to have a child living amongst them with a hate filled heart. Children who are silence do not speak of the time they were raped in the gym by their coach, their suicidal thoughts or their fear of being alone. You don’t want to be those parent’s “that had no clue.” If I was a parent and I asked my child how their day was I would turn off the phone, TV and stop what I was doing and look at their face. Children want to know and see that you care about what they are saying. If they seem off start asking question. I do not have kids but I know plenty that do and I know that the children have plenty of news they want to tell their parents. Whether it’s good or bad please do not make them too nervous to do so. The moment you let them know that what they are saying is not important could be the day you as parents start living in the dark.


5 thoughts on “Living in the Dark: A Parent’s Nightmare

  1. Very important to always open up channel’s of communication with your children ,make sure you look your children in thier eyes ! “Make” them believe that they are very important !

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