Life in the Middle East : Women Under Sharia

Ishr- women prien

I have watched the news, read many magazines and heard plenty of horrible stories about how women are treated in the Middle East. I did some research on Islamic law and how they affect women for the good and bad. I am going to talk about the disadvantages and advantages of being under this law as a woman, give my personal opinion and then ask the BIG FAT question that most people probably want to know… What makes the men so special? So what is Islam? Islam is a religious system that begun in the seventh century by Muhammad. Muslims follow the teachings of the Qur’an and strive to keep the Five Pillars. I am going to go through this but in a nutshell for time sake. In the seventh century, Muhammad said that the Arch Angel Gabriel came to him and apparently did some time up until Muhammad’s death. Gabriel allegedly reviled to him the work of Allah, God for those who didn’t know, these revelations that are written in the Qur’an, Islam’s Holy book till this day. So what is the Belief? Books of God: Muslims believe that God revealed holy books or scriptures to a number of God’s messengers. These include the Quran for Muhammad, the Torah for Moses, the Gospel to Jesus, Psalms to David and the Scrolls to Abraham. So what is Sharia? This is Islam’s legal system, which provides an Islamic alternative to secular models of governance. Women living in societies that are under Sharia have way less rights them women living in the west. Lets get to it… There are many degrees of Sharia depending on where you are but pretty much all use the same method when it comes to the home and how it is ran. There are Sharia courts that exist in many western countries, that’s everyone that directly derived from and influenced by European cultures, and are there to adjudicate family law for Muslim citizens. Personally I feel that there shouldn’t be a separate law or court system just because you have a different belief system while your living in another country that has nothing to do with Sharia. Especially if they are US citizens then this law violates the constitutional rights of the women and whoever else is affected by Sharia. If they can do this then I can come up with my own belief system and a law to go with it and start doing whatever I want too. So apparently there is no one overreaching authority that determines sharia or one conception of how women’s right fit into this “Law”. I find this very interesting, so basically women are not even considered humans or even exist under this “Law”! There are so many different interpretations and laws I could take all day when It come to this but it all depends on which four schools of Islamic Jurisprudence is being used, along with the customs of sect and country to know how women act and how the home is ran. There are Muslim feminist that are against the “current” interpretation of Sharia that continues to oppress women and have no basis in Islam and are pretty much man made misinterpretation of the Holy text. So basically when a man decides this is what the text means when he needs something to go in his favor he just ” Interprets” what the good book says and expects everyone to run with it. Yah right! That’s like a group of pastors saying, “Today the text really means this and that, so you need to do this and that or be damned!” Come on these gals are smarter then this. Come on lets take a look at some of these rights, rules and regulations… Marital Rights First when it comes to getting married under this law a lady can forget finding true love. It doesn’t exist here! So men are allowed FOUR wives, a few women on the side but the women are allow ONE. It’s already not looking too appealing, then there is NO specific age requirement for a young girl to be considered marriage material although most believe she needs to have started puberty. Girls as young as 12 or 13 in Muslim-majority countries like Yemen are married off and is not uncommon 52% of Yemen girls are married before 18 years old. This is really sad and I hope they are not practicing this here in the USA and if so we need to do something about it. Allegedly there was a case in Yemen where an 8-year-old girl died from injuries due to her “wedding” night. Yemen is supposed to be passing a “minimum age” requirement for marriage though nothing has happen yet. Their husbands can divorce women as long as a crowd of his peers is there to hear him say it with his wife there or not. Women cannot get divorce unless their husbands agree. Women can forget joint property except what she is owned before marriage, the men own it all. Men can have temporary wives according to some scholars but is viewed as prostitution other wise. Some scholar’s say beating of their wife is permissible and there is nothing the women can do about it. Out in the Public Most Muslim-majority countries are not democracies, so issues of who can vote do not apply. Nevertheless, women still have a significantly reduced role in the public sphere in these countries compared to men. Conservative ideas of gender roles are taken very seriously in Islamic societies. Even in the West, where Muslim women have the same legal rights as men, they have been prevented from exercising those rights by their male relatives. Under sharia law women have lesser inheritance rights and witness status compared to men. In Saudi Arabia women are not even allowed to drive. Modesty Most Muslim women respect the dress code to dress modestly and choose to do so. In some places like Iran, Afghanistan and Sudan they have no choice and failure to comply with the dress code can result in serious police brutality. The clothes women are told to wear range from a hijab, niqab to a burqa. Exactly what constitutes immodest dress is up for debate. When women from western countries visit places like Saudi Arabia they are advised to dress modestly and not to travel with out a man. So, women who do not even live there or practice their belief system have to comply but when the men come to the USA they have their own legal system? Something sounds fishy. Dubai has the most strict public indecency laws and many western tourists have fallen victim to them in the past. The Male Guardianship It applies to all women whether they are married or not. In the event of the deaths of male relatives, it can result in mothers being legally subservient to their sons. In my opinion this absolutely ridiculous! What if the son is a young boy? Who and what does he know about running a household let alone his mother? Under Sharia women are subservient to her husband and needs his permission to leave the house, take up employment, or to engage in fasting or forms of worship other than what is obligated. Unmarried woman is under the guardianship of her nearest male relative. Right traveling or Living abroad It’s a grey area when it comes to this. It is unclear to what extent states are bound by international treaties regarding various rights, and which of those rights, if any, international authorities have the power to enforce. The UN Declaration of Human Rights includes equal rights for women and calls have been made for Muslim countries to abide by these statutes. UN supports equal rights for women and recently adopted a new campaign aimed at ending violence against women. The Muslim Brotherhood issued a statement condemning this UN declaration because it violated sharia principles. No, it violated their appetite of CONTROL, MANIPULATION and ABUSE. Who Is Affected By Sharia? All Muslim Women So why are men more favorable then Women? There is no real reason, these men just love control and use their “faith” or “belief” systems to back up whatever they wanted to do or whatever mood swing they where having. Period.



3 thoughts on “Life in the Middle East : Women Under Sharia

  1. I disagree with you when you say that Islam gives men the right to control women because it doesn’t to that extent. Muslims have explained sharia according to their wrong values and it seems they got you into the wrong way. And to be honest I do see many muslims like this everyday and I try my best to research about any matter that they say and I feel it is injustice to me. Surprisinlgy, I have found many wrong practices. I really hope that those Muslims will one day understabd Islam truly and I agree that those wrong practicea affect us as women severly

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    • Thank you Lubaba for your generous comment! I was saying SHARIA lAW gives men all the
      power ESPECIALLY when it comes with dealings of the home and how it’s ran. You did agree with me that many Muslims do practice and teach Islam wrong. Sharia is part of Islam and it has been for many many centuries. It has been proven in all the research that I have done and it seems that you have done Sharia law is extremely detrimental to women only. According to most Muslim they all say it is very extreme and has no place in Islam but it will take as long as it’s been around to get ride of it. Thank you again for your comment.

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