Thriving Big Business: The Consumer


Consumerism is the growing demand for a product or resource. Whether it’s natural or not, is no concern. The only theology connected with consumerism is that the company, or companies, can keep up with the growing demand that it’s consumer’s want/need. Planned obsolescence is the connection to wasteful consumerism by the consistent replacement of goods with newer goods. The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry that feeds off the insecurities of women and young girls. Hate to say it but yes; YOUNG girls who haven’t even reached full maturity. Big businesses promote to women and young girls different solutions to become more youthful and more attractive. Lets face it the more crap you put on your face the worse you will look when you get older. Bottom line. I have fell victim to this industry by buying tons of different skin creams and washes for my acne problem and different types resistant creams none of them work, why because they are not meant to work. Business owners want you to come back so what do they do? They give just enough of a solution to so you can tell all your friends and family how THIS product cleared up all your face issues. Then a month roles around and your back at square one with a face full of unrecognizable stuff. All you have to do people is wash your face, drink water, and eat healthy. Another industry that is sweeping away American dollars is the fitness and weight loss industry. There are so many different ways to loose weight I can’t count them anymore, from the South beach to Jenny Craig there are companies that are sucking up money from your pockets telling you how to do something that you already know how to do. You know to eat healthy, how to walk or run and how to restrain yourself from over eating and yet Americans need that unnecessary boost of confidence and with a high price to pay. Yes, I understand some people can use some help but the way the industry sucks the consumer in with promises to loose weight through a “specific” diet is criminal. Jennifer Hudson made it very clear that Jenny Craig had nothing to do with her weight loss and she was under contract with them so she can make money and Mrs.Craig can make money leaving you broke. Talk about ETHICS! Now I’m not saying that these diets don’t work but the COST of these diets are outrageous! Come on America Lets not fall for the Okie Doke okay. The last industry on the list is ELECTRONICS. We all love them and want them but for some reason cannot control our urges to getting the latest of the same thing that just three months ago was the latest. Planned Obsolesce is the wasteful consumerism by people replacing things for newer or upgraded things. This is really big in the electronic industry more narrowly with the IPhone and computer gadgets. The big companies like Apple will come up with a upgraded version of their phone and then charge a hundred dollars more and consumers will either trash their old phone or trade it in for the upgraded one. Look, there will always be a better more soaped up version of the “Greatest Whatever” but you need to be smart here. Are you going to keep spending precious dollars that could be going towards a bigger goal just to appear trendy? If so then the trend will eventually be the unemployment line. Well Tiffany what’s your big idea? Well it’s simple hold on to your phone, computer or whatever long. You will save more money; the price of the “Big” thing will go down to more reasonable price sooner then you think once all the glitches are made known. See this industry likes to target people who are like you, ready to go get the new whatever RIGHT NOW. Mama didn’t raise any fool over here okay. I feel that big businesses are not ethical when it come to selling merchandise to consumers. They literally troll your Internet searches and strategically place ads on the webpages you are looking at that have nothing to do with what you searched for. They pray on people’s insecurities, egos and in some cases religious beliefs to get people to go out and spend money. As consumers we need to tighten up our belts, spend less, throw away the credit cards and strive for bigger purchases with more longevity. I am not saying don’t spend any money, of course we need to spend money or our economy will fall but just do it in moderation. Look at it this way… You spend less money = less driving = less POLLUTION You spend less money =less consumer WAIST You spend less money = less big industry WAIST You spend less money = BETTER ENVIRONMENT In a nutshell of course.



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