Engraved Brick FUNDRAISERS

import_photo_93012_010.206145234Engraved Brick Fundraiser A Texas based business for the last twenty years and still going strong. EBF works with non-profit organizations and for profit organizations to reach a monetary goal of whatever the organization needs. What organization doesn’t need to raise funds? EBF Company is the one stop solution in fundraising for organizations seeking to raise funds with engraved brick pavers.


fundr     brick         fundcurve                  brick_red_sandcross

The Process: 

First we consult with the  organization to help set an attainable Revenue Goal. Then we help locate a space to place the Engraved Brick Pavers (hopefully in a high traffic area) and then design an attractive layout that fits the clients taste. After we finish with the planning and designing we provide a proposal for our services and contract our partners to engrave the brick with Donor inscriptions then install the engraved brick pavers.


What we do for OTHERS:

Engraved Brick Fundraising Campaigns help finance projects such as “Memorial Courtyards” “Walks Of Fame” “Mission Trips” “Playground Equipment” “Building
Additions” “Pedestrian Malls” “Firefighter Memorials” and more.

If you are looking to raise money for your organization or know of someone who is looking to, please visit our webpage for more information. 


Sr. Partner and Founder: Will Enoch

Jr. Partner: Chris Morgan

Phone : 832-322-3965

Address: 6425 Westheimer Rd. Houston, TX 77057





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