Let me Enlighten You


Going through my day from the moment I wake up to the time I climb back under the sheets I have to battle people, thoughts, desires and work. I was getting overwhelmed with the fact that I was working hard to become a better me in all aspects but it seemed to get harder and harder everyday. I really did not have anyone to vent my frustrations too or anyone to give me sound advice on how to make my daily grind less painful.

I decided to get my questions answered by asking others how they feel our world could better, what goes uncovered pertaining to the home, school and workplace, last what would make their lives on the daily better. Hitting the pavement and talking to many different people from all walks of life I have written a short read on basic principles that most people have forgotten about. In this little book are more then a few simple ways to improve your relationships, build trust with people, reinventing yourself and much more. I want this book to penetrate your soul and get you to think very hard about the way you are living, how you treat others and what can you can do to make your life and others better. 





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