The Barriers have been Broken: “A Gay Man’s Girlfriend”



“A Gay Man’s Girlfriend” is a look into a world of two young people battling what the world deems as disgusting and outrages love. It talks about the sexual dangers, the sharing of lovers, whose role is what and the physical dangers that come from the jealousy that devour both characters.

The two stars of the book, “A Gay man’s girlfriend” are Nichol and Keric. They have changed the way people look at heterosexual couples in America and break down barriers that where put up due to fear and lack of knowledge. They teach you that even though you are not considered “normal”, whatever that means, or morally out of line does not mean that you cannot find love and happiness.

The battle lines of the LBGTO and Heterosexual worlds have blurred and people do not understand how an openly gay man can be with a straight woman. With this love tragedy you will learn that having a relationship that goes against the status quo is not easy. From the emotional abuse that comes along with it from outsiders and both Nichol and Keric to the love that was made between them is jaw dropping.




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