Black on Black Crime: Genocide


Genocide: The deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation. A genocidal program needs to create broad public opinion to justify the attacks on the section of the population it is targeting. So, for example, getting middle class people as well as people in the Black community itself to think that the Black youth are “criminals who are hopeless and have no one to blame but themselves” has been an important ideological component of justifying the war on drugs and mass incarceration. And this also lays the basis for the system to get people in society to accept future and even more genocidal attacks against Black people, especially the youth.

When black lives matters movement was created in 2012 after Travon Martins death by a volunteer neighborhood watch by the name of Zimmerman was let off the hook this group dedicates its time to liberating the black culture, people and validate that blacks are humans too. Black lives do matter…but do black people believe this?

This is my personal opinion but the police do not have to kill black people to eliminate the race when we are doing it to ourselves. You want to make a difference STOP KILLING EACH OTHER. BUILD EACH OTHER UP. EDUCATED EACH OTHER and if you don’t know something or need help ASK SOMEONE!!!!

Everyday in the poor communities in America black in black communities gangs everyday are taking each others lives over claiming territory that DOES NOT BELONG TO THEM and the civilians are trashing out their own neighborhoods. For what? Black people want change, we want respect, justice and fare treatment across the board we need to start educating people on what it means to be productive.

Black history month is not a memorial it’s the month of creating ways to continue the work of our leaders and then for the next 11 months implement the plan not sit around a get mad because no one cares or hears our cries. No one is going to go out their way to help a group of people who on a national level lets the world know they don’t care enough to change their ways.

How are we committing self inflicted GENOCIDE (in a nutshell)?

  1. Gang member selling drugs to their own people and killing off the people. They are also killing innocent people who are caught in their gunfire. “Bullet doesn’t have a name” phrase needs to be eliminated.
  2. We allow for the city to put Plan Parent Hood in in the “Hood”. Get it out of there. The birth of our children is important because they are our legacy. Just make sure your ready to have them.
  3. Getting on government assistance for longer then we actually need. Look, food stamps, housing, section 8, WIC or any other debilitating “HELP” is causing our people to stay broke thus leads to death.
  4. The jail was created to house undesirables (black and Spanish people) just like the concentration camps where there for the Jews. When you go to jail you have no rights, you get of jail it’s hard to find a job so what happens? You go commit a series of crimes, get on government assistance, sale drugs, do drugs to mask the pain of reality, get mad at the next brother or sister that gets a little more then you and hate on them, then you kill and go back to jail. Then the police and media gets it all on camera and broadcast it to the world to show how “violent” and “dangerous” we are and your sitting in jail. While your in jail your children are being raised without fathers, mothers who are pregnant have to work and feed kids, which leads to them choosing abortion over giving birth.

How to STOP self inflicted Genocide?

  1. Education. This is the number one thing that is lacking in black communities and it needs to change. The schools are in the black communities are not teaching effectively because they have to make sure the outside gang members are not trying to get to the children. If there was no violence they can teach our youth what they need to make it in this world. We need financial education in our schools as well so when are children graduate they will know how to manage their money properly. Education will save our people this is fact because if we had more educated people in the low-income parts of time they would look the way they do, people wouldn’t act like they do and there would be no tolerance for gang activity.
  2. Parents. Our parents need to get the help they need to take care of our children and raise them properly. Please do not let this world to your job because it won’t turn out well. We need both parents in the house hold, serving God, getting an education if they have none to help their children through school, save money and teach right from wrong and work and get off government assistance.



4 thoughts on “Black on Black Crime: Genocide

  1. Excellent article. I would like to point out an error, though; George Zimmerman was not a police officer (he was, in fact, a teacher), and Trayvon Martin had gotten away from him, then circled back (against the advice of his girlfriend) and attacked him at Zimmerman’s vehicle. You should also include more about the breakdown of the Nuclear Family, which you only touched on…in my opinion, it is the leading causal factor in the breakdown of AA society.

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  2. Interesting! I see where you’re trying to go here. Let me offer some food for thought on the Planned Parenthood in black communities. Consider a minute if there were no clinics. Think of the chaos. I’m staunchly against abortion. Having said this, I do feel programs like PPH and pregnancy centers have viable purposes. For example, Christian-based pregnancy centers do not promote abortion but protect the sanctity of life. These type centers guide women toward healthy decisions that include the mother making the decision to carry the baby and then there’s discussion of the possibility of adoption after the birth. The mother is provided training and parenting skills and information how to care for herself, and her baby, as the baby develops from an embryo to fetus. There are so many intricacies of planning for a family as well as actually going through pregnancy. For poor communities not to have access to clinics for counseling, education, training skills and more would be overwhelming wrong. As Jesus said, the poor will always be with us, so they need help–and we need to help them either through Planned Parenthood or other pregnancy centers.

    Thank you for writing on this issue.


    • Hello Mia and thank you for your generous comment! I do agree that there should be clinics in the low income areas of all cities but as long as they are PRO LIFE. No planned Parent Hood or anything like it because then there would be more abortions and unplanned pregnancies because women would see there is a “quick fix” option instead of just waiting for the right time to have children or looking into options like adoption. People need to think about the consequences before they proceed to get involve with sexual activities.


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