Women, RIGHT to Work and EQUAL Pay


Every society has either a single culture or many different cultures were people learn to do things a certain way or handle situations in a particular way. It all starts at birth. Depending on your gender, race or financial situation your society will treat you different; there are not equal rights when those factors mentioned above come into play. We as a society have been living in a false reality and are victims of social constructed roles that where created by our four fathers.

Many of us are raised to be one or the other are important and should be sought after more then the others. Women have it the hardest in most societies around the world; they are born second-class citizens and are treated as such up into death. Since the birth of America women have been treated ignorantly unfair due to how society (men) classified women. In the beginning, women did not work, they were educated so they can marry into a decent family, bore and raised children, and handled all housework. If women did work they were not allowed to do “man’s” work so they were housemaids, teachers or secretary and to out do a man was frowned on by society. It was drilled in young girls heads from a young age that they are to strive to marry the best, have children and run a proper household.

Girls competed not for jobs or high positions, which I believe would be a great thing but for men’s attention so they can be taken care of. During the Great Depression 26 states had passed a law prohibiting married women to work. The states believe that a married woman should not steal a job from a man if she already has someone to take care of her. While women had limited jobs that was classified as “women work”, like nurses, teachers, and salesgirls black women where even more limited to maids or cooks if they could even get that. When World War 2 happened 16 million men went to war thus creating a labor shortage in America.

Since there were not really any men to work the factories to keep the supplies needed for the war the soldiers and allies to fight the war it was deemed patriotic for women to step into a “man’s” role or working. By 1943 17 million women where working in the factories and made up 1/3 of the U.S workforce. Personally I am really shock that when men where around they didn’t believe that women could do the kind of work they did. But when a war happens and there are not men to keep production going all of a sudden magazines, news, and even entertainment industry would use propaganda to persuade women to join the workforce. My question is, what if women refused to go?

Propaganda was used to promote women working but also made sure to inform them that they should return back home and out of the workforce once the war was over and the men came home. I feel that men used women only when it is convenient for them and then would take this treasured desire for most women away in a heartbeat. A Utilitarian believes that whatever decision is made should be for the greatest good of everyone. In the case of all the propaganda for women to join the workforce when the convenience of men where not around they felt that women should work because it was for the good of the nation. Our government has a utilitarian mindset when it comes to women working for the time they did. So when the war ended and the men returned they asked the women to go back home but some of them refused and in short started the women’s rights movement. This movement was mainly for white women at the start and when the African Americans where granted rights the movement began to be an all women rights movement which changed the face of America.

Till this day a utilitarian mindset is still in place because women today get paid .75 on every 1.00 a man is paid, more then have the country do not have adequate maternity leave benefits included in a work package or they are given a limited time to recover and return back to work. Women in the workplace developed a virtue beliefs system that women should get same pay as their male counterparts if they went and got the same skills and degree. The equality of women came very far since the birth of our nations and many nations at that. Even though there are many countries that are still stuck in the beginning of time, women are obtaining positions that where normally filled with men, there are more women running big time companies then men and women are attending college and finishing then men. I believe in a few more years men will have their own movement on how women are taking over the home and workforce. Men will try their best to compete but with many of them not even considering a formal education I see more and more women moving into power and their chances to reclaim their “Spot” slim chance to none.









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