Two Lover’s Quarrel

The love she possessed for him was mentally strong; when she looked in the mirror she saw his face as if they shared a soul. The men, drugs and abuse aroused her, she thought she was going crazy, look into her eyes they were empty for all she new and loved was him. She had no heart; it was cold to the world, for only her god could satisfy her. His appetite for men enraged her and she plotted to kill him in his sleep but that meant she too would die. His obsessions for control over her was monstrous, denying his true self he would take her love for ransom. He loved to dibble and dabble in both worlds, embracing men like this woman held him at night, He tortured her emotionally and physically but it aroused him to do so. When he looked in the mirror he saw himself but as he turned his head from side to side the woman in him would appear.


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