What Keeps my Hair and Body looking and feeling GREAT!!!

So I know for a fact you guys have seen these two items in either Central Market, Whole Foods or any other primarily organic grocery store. I shaved my head about 1.5 years ago, I wish I had a picture but I was really trying to hide it from my folks by wearing lace fronts( never again) and wigs. Anyway, it was growing back okay for about 11 months but then it hit this lump in its growing process and stopped. I did some research and found that taking a multivitamin that has NO FILLERS and ORGANIC ever day would help not only my over all health but do wonders for my hair. Then I played around with hair products( never will ever do this again) and my hair was  breaking off and drying out until a wonderful women I met in the hair aisle shopping in Central Market seen that I was looking at hair shampoo and conditioner and pointed the lovely product( shampoo and conditoner) I have at the top out to me and I tried it and will never use anything ever again. I use the vitamines everyday and wash my hair 3 times a week BUT CONDITION EVERYDAY

 8 -11 months after cut 

10959062_950957064928419_7515843596091534316_o              11014945_985572074800251_6958903533099680006_n

Current & Still Growing !!!





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