A Peek Inside “A Gay Man’s Girlfriend”

Nichol came home to an apartment that was lit with candles, lavender scent flowed through out the apartment, roses and a sexy comforter were on the floor. She looked around and didn’t see Keric so she sat her bags down and put the candy she bought him on the comforter. Nichol hopped in the shower and changed into that sexy number she bought earlier and walked into the living room to find Keric standing there in nothing but the black silky boxers she bought him. Keric walked over to the TV and popped in a cd, Beyoncé’s greatest hits started playing and Nichol flushed like she did years ago when they met in the pool. Keric looked like he did when they first met and she was feeling every moment of it. Nichol asked, “Were did you come from? I didn’t see you, when did you come in?” “I  slipped in while you were in the shower I needed to pick something up”, Keric said with this whispered voice and  pointed to the kitchen. There were flowers and candy with a little bear sitting on the counter, before Nichol could say a word Keric picked her up and she wrapped her legs around him and he kissed her. Keric whispers in Nichol’s ear, “I’m sorry I’ve been the way I have.” “Please you don’t have to explain lets just enjoy the moment” Nichol said. “No I want you to know I want you, I love you and no one can replace you. No man could ever be you, please stop trying to be my man I want you as you are. A woman.”


3 thoughts on “A Peek Inside “A Gay Man’s Girlfriend”

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