Starting the New Year


Hello everyone I know I have been MIA but I have been out promoting my new book and recently have became a personal assistant for a lawyer, So i have been really busy.

Well I wanted to take this time out and talk about the start of a fresh new year, yes I know this one has not ended yet BUT we need to make our plans.

First on the list…..

  1. Organize that mess in the closet you all know that you have either your closet or child’s closet that looks like a bull has plowed right through there. Get it together!
  2. Diets if you think your about to start this crazy “im loosing 20ibs in 2 months” thing, well try again. Lets start the new year off with just planning to eat better and less if you have been hogging it down.
  3. Plans for School If your starting the new year with goals for going back to school or trying to get better grades, go ahead and clear your schedule because that is more important that any “job” you may have or trying to get. Especially if it has nothing to do with your CAREER.

Okay these are the first thing that need to be done and planned out while we still have some time left in the year. 1.2.3 GO!!!!


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