The Cup of Joe for the Day: Learning to Follow with Class and Grace



When I was working for Starbucks I was a Batista for about 1 year before I started training for the glorified shift supervisor position. I lead a team of 10 to 15 Batista’s,trained and coached them to for the stores and my needs. I was on top of my game (still am…just an FYI…I haven’t lost it) everything was going great until I had that one person who wanted to be “different” and do “their own thing”. I was fine with that and I saw the fire in their eyes that I had when I realized I needed a change in position. I asked this Batista if he wanted me to develop him into first my Barista trainer then we can talk about shift supervisor when he has mastered the Batista training. This particular Batista felt that they didn’t need any couch or training, he was ready for the shift position. We exchanged words and then I told him, “to be a great leader, teacher, or a person of influence you need to follow directions that your superior has set in place with class and grace” . I have a few Tips on how to accomplish this big task without feeling small.

1. Be a teachable Spirit I understand that you may know a lot about your profession plus more and you are wanting to express that by moving up but your boss seems to want to take the transition slower then you seem is fare. Here is what you do, you open yourself up to be taught. You need to show others that you are still willing to learn more and that they are valuable to your success.
2. Ask Question’s you feel you know the answer too when you already know something ask others questions on the subject because you may find out new information that you didn’t know about. Having too much pride can keep you in the dark if your not willing to ask questions especially if you do not know the answers to them.
3. Ask your boss if you can take on some extra task Taking on extra work can be difficult but necessary for your development. When your boss sees that you are willing to do more to make their job easier it is always a plus. Just remember your not the boss but are support. You are showing that you have drive but still understand your place.
4. There is nothing wrong with being a good follower Your told all your life don’t be the follower you need to be the leader, well that’s good but a good leader can also follow. Following or shadowing a person. who has your dream job is a way of learning the job with grace. Remember! Your passion will show and promotion will come in this rat race to the top difference is you will move up the ladder with Class and Grace.


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