The Cup of Joe for the Day: Learning to Accept other for who THEY ARE!!!

I have gone 24 years in this life that God has given me and I believe that I have seen it all! I have seen a black man become president, the Gay rights movement take off, Black lives matter movement and my country grow stronger in the areas we use to be weak in. I have to say that there are still large amounts of people who have not gotten over the differences of other people. We are all unique and we all have a right to walk this earth without walking on egg shells around certain people. I have a list of 5 things you can review to yourself the next time you plan on judging a person just because or sexual orientation, race, gender role, gender or anything else.

  1. How will I feel if someone has taken time out of their day to tell you that your lifestyle is fowl? There are many people who may not live to your standards but that does not give you the right to comment. I understand if it effecting you personally but please stop with the two cents on what others choose to do with their OWN lives.
  2. How will I feel is someone does not give me a job because of my race? Many employers will not hire you if your name does not sound “normal”, if you put that you are a certain race that they personally do not care for, if you come to the interview in your traditional wear or if you speak differently. I find it ver appalling that people over look the skills that someone possess to do the job you need filled well because of their race. We need to do better people!
  3. How will I feel if someone makes fun of your disabled family member? I have seen people sit there and make fun of someone because they where born with a disability that they had no control over. I have heard people talk about the old man with the missing leg not knowing that he served our country in war and lost a limb trying to keep you free. Just think about it.
  4. How will I feel if someone told me your not welcome in our organization because you have tattoos and piercing? Thank God for Starbucks because they celebrate diversity when it comes to this and of course everything else. I have seen people who are more than capable running a club, leading prayer, preaching or any public speaking get turned down because of a little body art. Look we are in the day in age where body art and expression is becoming more prominent and we need to just get ready for the generation after us. I know the baby boomers have a big issue with this type of art and they have ingrained it into the business world that it is a huge no no. We have to learn that we as a people should not change how we express ourselves just because we are negotiating with other countries because they are not changing for us and we shouldn’t do it with each other a nation.
  5. How will I feel if I someone said they hated me? Hate is a very strong word and is used too lax in our vocabulary. Hate…… feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone).
    That’s terrible and it starts in the home with the parents. Please do not teach your children to hate and have them develop opinions about other. Let them grow up, teach them right from wrong and do not force your beliefs on them. Let them develop their own beliefs, dislikes and likes based off your teachings, what they find out on their own and what they learn in school. Please DO NOT TEACH HATE!!!!

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