The Cup of Joe for the Day: Preparing yourself for the Best Day Ever!

I know everyone has waken up at some point in their lives complaining about the day they will have to face and that they wish they had more of this and that so they wont have to do this and the other. Well you know all that complaining just sets the wheels in motion for you to have a terrible day and if you do not turn it around by the time you finish brushing your teeth your day will be awful !! Today I am going to give you some tips on how to  make that scary day ahead seem like a peace of cake with just a few changes in attitude and some inspiring words.
  1. The wake up Prayer When you wake up thank God for giving you another day on this earth to make things better for others and yourself. Ask him to order your steps and open doors that are going to benefit you and close the ones that will hinder you. When you get to the end of this literally 10 sec. prayer you can follow it with a BIG AMEN and continue with your morning routine.
  2. Speaking words of Encouragement  After that nice hot or cold shower to get the bones jumping followed by the morning cup of Joe start telling yourself out loud that today will be AWSOME and that nothing can or will try to mess it up. You tell yourself and the universe that you are at the top of your game, you will make a wave in that pile of paper work on your desk or wherever you do that today will be productive and fulfilling. By this time your dress and headed toward the car or Bus.
  3. The drive to Success So your in the car or on the bus and your boss calls you “hey we have big problems at the office so just be prepared for along gruesome day”. Well I want you to counter those horrifying words by telling yourself and the universe that you reject the fight you are trying to put on me today. The problems at work are just for a few short hours ( normal 8-9 hrs.) and you can go home to a peaceful and tranquil home. I want you to think of all the wonderful things that will come when the small issue at work is resolved and you got to play apart in saving the day. By now you are pulling up to the job and getting ready to walk through the doors that pays your bills, makes you a better person and strengthens that soft skin.
  4. When the day is over you thank your boss and associated for a productive and successful day and hop in the car and wind all the way down but not too much because you have to get home I do not need you falling asleep at the wheel . Anyway, you get home fix you a nice plate of food a tall glass of wine and say “Thank You Lord”. You hop in the shower get in the PJs and into bed. At this time you are feeling tired but fulfilled.
  5. Night prayer of thanks Your getting sleepy but can’t stop thinking about what tomorrow holds and then you hear this little voice telling “don’t worry about the days that have not come”, You close your eyes and thank God for being there all day with you, for giving you a chance to shine at the office, for keeping a positive attitude even though your boss was jumping down your throat, and for keeping a positive out look from the moment he awakened you.
  6. Do it again If you do this every morning or something similar your days will get better and you will feel more fulfilled in what you do and where you are in life. You will also notice that opportunities will arise out of nowhere and people will come into your life that can change it for the better, all because you had a great attitude from the start of every day. You will notice that your daily stresses will no longer be present and that your bills will turn into checks made out to you. Life will be better and easier with a little attitude adjustment and thanking God for giving you hope.

2 thoughts on “The Cup of Joe for the Day: Preparing yourself for the Best Day Ever!

  1. Very inspiring. There’s no doubt that positive affirmations will help usher in a blessed day! Keep writing, keep inspiring…your own life is going to flourish beyond measure. Thank you for the inspiration.


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