The cup of Joe for the Day: Supernatural Fun Facts!

Good morning ! For all you Supernatural fans I have 10 facts that you may or may not know about the T.V series Supernatural.

10. Early Success

The network saw so much potential in the series that it was picked up for a full season only four episodes into the show. Generally speaking, this is not always an ideal decision as many shows start out strongly and quickly lose a good portion of viewers. Thankfully the CW had great intuition on this one, and we couldn’t be happier.

9. No End in Sight

Series creator Eric Kripke was only planning a total of three seasons to keep the show short and sweet, hoping it would end on a high note. Given the show’s popularity, though, it was soon extended to five seasons which subsequently led to many more. Supernatural is now going ten seasons strong as of this writing, and we are still loving it.

8. The Harrison Brothers

The Winchester family name was originally intended to be Harrison to pay tribute to legendary actor Harrison Ford. At some point, however, it was changed due to someone named Sam Harrison living in Kansas, which conflicted with one of the brothers. In the end, Winchester was adapted thanks to the Winchester Mystery House in California, which has long been admired by series creator Eric Kripke.

7. Meet the Killer Car

The Winchester brothers drive a 1967 Impala thanks to Eric Kripke’s neighbor, who advised him that the car was more feared and the trunk had enough space to fit a dead body. This comment is rather disturbing, if you ask us, but everything worked nicely in the end.

6. Fun with Technology

Supernatural popularized a fictional website,, at the beginning the series. In turn, curious viewers who visit the website are redirected to the CW’s official homepage. This makes us wonder what type of subliminal message the network is trying to send us – or perhaps these guys simply have a great sense of humor.

5. Potential Spinoff

Supernatural creators explored the idea of a spinoff series not long ago, prompting a pilot episode of Supernatural: Bloodlines, which focused on a similar “Monsters and Hunters”premise. However, the show was dropped due to substantial differences with the original and negative fan reception. The good news is that the CW is still open to the idea of another possible spinoff, so let’s keep our hopes up.

4. Comic Books and Beyond

Can’t get enough Supernatural? No problem! The hit show has led to three comic book seriesexpanding multiple books, all published by Wildstorm of DC Comics.

3. Daddy Issues

Sam and Dean were originally supposed to find their dad on the very first episode burning dead on the ceiling, but this was later changed to Sam’s girlfriend. Among the things you didn’t know about Supernatural, this is certainly one of the most intriguing facts considering how infamous that scene has become over the years.

2. Everybody Loves Bobby

Bobby Singer was named after Supernatural producer Robert Singer. Moreover, the character became so popular among fans that he has since appeared in over 50 episodes, including some scenes after he was already dead.

1. Time and Time Again

Remember the Superman cameo that appeared on every Seinfeld episode? Likewise, a large amount of Supernatural episodes feature a star-burst-shaped wall clock, mainly in motels and in the homes of the many people Sam and Dean frequently visit.


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